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Jon Slow is a passionate, experienced singer-songwriter/guitarist/ sax/clarinet/ flute player based in New England.

Jon has been creating and deriving joy from music from a young age when he…

  • first learned to play classic TV themes such as “Cheers”, “All in the Family”, and “MASH” by ear on the piano

  • danced on the stone fireplace ledge with his little brother to old records by The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Van Halen, Def Leppard, and the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever on a then cutting-edge-technology silver Hitachi stereo.


Music became Jon’s fulcrum, whether...

  • playing classical and jazz clarinet, sax, and flute

  • self-teaching classic rock songs by The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Seger on the acoustic guitar by taping songs off the radio

  • eventually writing his own songs after wisely and fortuitously being challenged by his best friend

Next, Jon...

  • led alternative rock bands and acoustic groups featured on Detroit (89X) and New York (Pacifica Radio) modern rock and indie radio.

  • was featured on the Disney Channel. 

  • performed on Kid Rock's second album, sax quartets, flute and clarinet trios, and the New York All State Band.

  • composed, published, and released 2 full length albums (Wouldshed, Welcome to Nine), 2 EPs (Windmill Place, The One You Feed), and hundreds of originals (you can find some on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud, YouTube, and International Streaming Radio.


But Jon has never been prouder than the new batch of songs from the worldwide release of his latest full length album, Haystack Rock

  • treading new ground with styles, alternate tunings, and lyrics/narrative

  • inspired by the dualistic pairing of immense personal and professional good fortune, after digging out of momentous challenge in both arenas

  • creating much needed positive, holistic perspective as a global pandemic unfolded simultaneously

Jon currently:

  • performs live in restaurants, wineries/vineyards, breweries, and live music venues all around New England

  • is available for private events, special occasions, and customized personal song/lyric composition projects.

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